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KD-Staffing Was Founded In 2007 In Medical Staffing With Idea That “Recruitment Is An Art” And Finding The Right Job Opportunities For The Right Person Is Essential In Today’s Market. Nothing is more fulfilling than becoming part of a team with similar interests, and an organization that values its employees. KD-Staffing is a contingency Healthcare Recruitment firm that focuses on permanent medical staffing. Our Exclusive Searches Include: Registered Nurses, Mid-Level PA’s/NP’s, Managers And/Or Director Type Roles. Our team is passionate in placing our medical professionals into progressive programs within their specialties and passions. We have a traditional company philosophy; we prefer fewer clients with more attention to exclusive clients.

Every healthcare organization deserves the best when it comes to staffing. After all, they are the engine that keeps the facility going. KD-Staffing is a contingency healthcare recruitment firm. Our team members are experts when it comes to placing medical professionals into progressive programs within their specialties and passions. They can help hospitals get all kinds of hospital staff including nurses, mid-level PA’s/NP’s, managers, directors, etc.

This is a highly recommended permanent medical staffing company with a Healthcare Leadership award 2019. Our medical professionals are seeking new jobs nationwide. If you are a healthcare or hospital organization seeking full-time and permanent staffing for all departments in nursing, we would love to hear from you.” said CEO of KD-Staffing, LLC.

Getting the right permanent staff to run a hospital can sometimes be challenging. There is a need to hire people who are passionate about their work, and at the same time very professional, exceptional, and fit the job description. Some hospitals or healthcare organizations may not be able to handle the rigorous hiring processes. KD-Staffing knows exactly the kind of staff a hospital needs to ensure everything works smoothly. They assess the healthcare facility and then make suggestions on the right people that can handle it. Their permanent staffing services are reputable because they do all the work including background checking, references, screenings, and so on.

Amber Morris

Director of Recruitment-KD Staffing Plano, Texas

Amber Morris is our dedicated Director of Recruitment with many years of loyalty and leadership within the recruitment team.

Amber Morris brings 15 years of customer service success to healthcare recruiting. She has a passion for helping people succeed in their professional lives and thrives at assisting them in pursuing the next steps of their career paths. Being a healthcare recruiter is more than just a job for Amber; she enjoys building relationships with her medical professionals. It brightens her day to place people in the perfect position.

KD-Staffing was founded on The Idea That “Recruiting Is An Art.” Amber Has Perfected Her Skills In This “Art” Through A Number Of Managerial And Leadership Positions Since The Start Of Her Career. The Company Is A Recruiting Firm That Specializes In Placing Permanent Nurses, Mid Levels, Managers And/Or Director Roles Into Progressive Programs Within Their Specialties And Passions.

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KD-Staffing is a contingency Healthcare Recruitment firm that specializes in placing medical professionals into progressive programs within their specialties and passions. Our Exclusive Searches Include: Registered Nurses, Mid-Level PA’s/NP’s, Managers And/Or Director Type Roles. We have multiple resources and search techniques to assist in those “hard to fill needs” within a healthcare organization. KD-Staffing offers additional support and/or services within the permanent nursing categories and relocation opportunities. Additional services and support through transitions include: RN licensing process, references, backgrounds, screenings, moving information, on-boarding procedures, housing information and area/facility research.

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KD-Staffing was founded in 2007 as a permanent medical staffing company. CEO Kelli Christina often talks about “Recruitment Is An Art” and her inspiring ideas while working with medical professionals, interviews and the job process. Expert medical recruitment for hospitals, clinics, and ERs. Discover top-notch nursing talent. Partner with us for a healthier future! Our permanent staffing fees are typically lower and more affordable than the industry trends. Call or email us directly to see if you qualify for discounts. KD Staffing won a Healthcare Leadership award in 2019. Dotcom Magazine awarded our team with years 2021 and 2022 “Impact Company of the Year Award. KD Staffing is focused primarily on the harder to fill permanent nursing positions. Ms Christina created KD Staffing based on the idea that “Recruitment is an Art. KD Staffing has a YOUTUBE Channel titled “Recruitment is an Art” showcasing the mission statement, company philosophy surrounding the team, LIVE interviews, podcasts, and magazines.